Coffee & Food Pairings: A Match Made in Science

Have you ever wondered why certain foods are a match made in heaven, whilst others make you recoil in disgust? Well, funnily enough, there is a scientific reason behind that. In layman’s terms, foods taste good together when they share flavours and aromas. This is what helps us know which foods pair best with coffee, and what can help you do the same.

Due to different trends over the years, coffee has been somewhat standardized and pigeonholed as a breakfast drink. A focus on darker roasts led to the flavour of coffee becoming more associated with the roast than the actual coffee, losing differentiating flavours along the way.

Just like food, coffee has distinct layers of flavour, each of which can complement different foods wonderfully. Brewing and roasting methods will bring out different flavours and accents, meaning it can be a playful way of exploring flavour and pairings. If a coffee has a nutty flavour, a dessert with almonds or hazelnuts would pair nicely. Alternatively, there could be hints of red berry or citrus, or even a smokiness which could work with some forms of chilli, such as chipotle.

Step aside wine; food and coffee are looking to be the hottest partnership of 2017.