Deliciously Festive Flavours

We’re excited to introduce our delicious new flavours to Fulham! From our deliciously creamy tiramisu, our spicy cannella made from true cinnamon, indulgent strawberry cheesecake and delicious sole di Siclia, prepare to delight your senses and leave with the sweetest taste on your palette.

At Ice & Slice, all our flavours are made from 100% natural ingredients with no added colour, artificial flavours or preservatives. Our Nocciola is made from hazelnuts from the Piedmont region and our famous Pistachio is from the finest Sicilian pistachios. All of our fruit flavours are made from whole fruit and we only use organic milk to make our gelato- giving it a distinctly smoother, lighter and fluffier texture than standard ice cream.

We’re as serious about our process as we are about our ingredients. Our gelato is lovingly made and pasteurised in small batches by our expert team. The mixture is slowly churned by our team, allowing as little air as possible to enter into it for the the most decadent, velvety texture. The gelato is then stored in covered wells – “nelpozzo” – at the perfecting standing temperature for immediate consumption. All of this takes place on our shop floor in view of our customers, for a truly authentic Italian gelato experience.

Ice & Slice also offers dairy-free dessert options such as our nutella-filled Calzone, and our sorbets (all dairy-free) come in a range of fruity flavours including passion fruit, strawberry, lemon, yellow peach, mango and raspberry.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!