Shot Espresso Victoria

Your coffee brand, Shot Espresso, has finally arrived in the city with our latest site opening in Victoria! We’re here to provide not only the best coffee in Victoria but also exquisite Antipodean and Italian delicacies. With grab-and-go Italian style lunches, Shot Espresso is the perfect choice for a catch-up with friends or speedy on-the-go lunch for those in need of a quick but tasty treat.

The new opening in Victoria is our fourth site and the largest shop to date whilst also being unique to the Victoria area. Shot Espresso offers the best coffee menu in Victoria with an extensive range of items to choose from, with the café serving all sorts of specialities from matcha to chais. Our coffee is unrivalled and the only choice for caffeine lovers.

Without doubt, Shot Espresso is sure to become the first choice café and deli bar for all those within the Victoria area due to its excellent range of high quality food and drink options paired with a traditional atmosphere and relaxed all day-dining environment. Shot Espresso offers its customers the very best artisanal Allpress coffee along with traditional Antipodean and Italian dishes made with fresh seasonal ingredients. As well as offering the best coffee and traditional delicacies in Victoria, the site itself is enough to tempt you inside with its modern and chic interior, which offers a large bar and seating area.

So make sure to head down to Shot Espresso as soon as possible to taste the best coffee in Victoria with the café being open from 7am to 6pm every weekday. In the meantime, stay up to date with all our latest news, promotions and events by checking out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages to get a sneak peek at all the treats on offer.