We’re Not Just Coffee!

We have been sent by the brunch lords to tell you why Shot Espresso Parsons Green is the best brunch this end of the District Line. The reasons are four-fold:

1). Our name may suggest that we love our coffee (which we do), but our diverse brunch menu is also something we take great pride in. We have many of the classics including a Full English (both meaty and vegetarian), as well as light and fluffy pancakes and a hearty chicken burger. Lighter options include everybody’s favourite smashed avocado on sourdough, and fruity granola. We also have daily brunch specials so two visits will never be the same. Additionally, our dishes are so colourful and aesthetically pleasing because who doesn’t like #eatingfortheinsta! Whatever your brunch needs are – they are catered for.

2). Our brunch is economical. You are more than likely to be able to get a main dish and one of a choice of four fresh fruit smoothies all for under £10. Not only are we the best brunch in Parsons Green, but also one of the greatest value for money especially considering our portion sizes!

3). We serve brunch practically all day from 6.30am-5om Monday to Friday. Admittedly this is perhaps the earliest opening brunch spot in the area, which is perfect for commuters and earlybirds alike. At weekends, brunch is served 8am-5pm, so this is more than ideal for pigging out after a well-deserved lie in.

4). Shot Espresso is located just next to Parsons Green tube station so not only is this brunch joint perfect for local SW6 residents, but it is definitely worth travelling from further afield to take advantage of.

The reasons why Shot Espresso is the best brunch in Parsons Green are endless, but you would have to visit to see why!