Get Your Brunch On

In a failed attempt to be unbiased, we’re sure you already know that not only do we serve the best coffee in Parsons Green, but arguably the best on this side of the river. Anyway, we’ve been scratching heads at Shot HQ thinking how we can really treat our customers – Christmas is coming and we can feel it ? Low and behold, the launch of our new and improved brunch menu at Parsons Green. Brunch so good it’ll make you believe in Santa…

A most notable addition to the list is Canadian banana bread. In true Canadian style, it’s topped generously with bacon and lashings of maple syrup, plus roasted bananas and crème fraiche. We think we saw this under the definition of ‘total indulgence’ in Merriam Webster, though we may have been dreaming!

Next up, we fly right back to the other side of the planet to a fiery eggs Shakshuka. As the shadows of winter mornings approach, this dish alongside our new Moroccan mint tea is certain to make you reminisce of the souks and bazaars of North Africa; and if it doesn’t, then we’re just a little poetic, but at least this eggs-otic dish will warm you from the inside, out. Along with a slab of sourdough toast, we grant you full permission to ravenously mop the remainders from the bottom of the dish.

We didn’t want to ruin all the surprises, so we just told you about two newcomers coming to Shot Espresso. Paired with the best coffee in Parsons Green or one of our smoothies representing every colour of the rainbow, our new brunch options will be sure to get bottoms on our seats from far and wide – so round up the brunch club and don’t miss out!